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About the PHYS/Energy Subdivision

  • The Energy Subdivision was created in 2010. It emphasizes the singular role of physical chemistry in addressing the scientific dimensions of "energy" topics, such as energy harvesting, storage, conversion, and utilization.
  • Its function is to ensure these topics are included within the PHYS programming at the national meetings.
  • Its mission is to provide a forum where the advancement in fundamental research on physical chemistry/chemical physics accelerates the development of technologies related to energy sustainability.

PHYS Symposia in New Orleans: 18-22 March 2018

The PHYS program will include symposia on chirality, energy and charge transfer, ionic liquids, cold molecules, modeling in astrophysical environments, quantum chemistry development, and more.

2018 PHYS/EN Executive Committee

Amanda Morris (Virginia Tech), John Keith (Pitt), Matt Sfeir (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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PHYS/EN Happy Hour in NOLA: 19 March 2018

Join Amanda, John, Matt and the PHYS/EN community from 5-6:30 PM on Monday March 19th 2018 at the District located at 711 Tchoupitoulas St. in the heart of the Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA.

Women in Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Anna Krylov at U. Southern California has compiled an impressive directory of women in theoretical and computational chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry.


Upcoming PHYS/EN Symposia

Topics under consideration: transport in supramolecular systems, redox flow batteries.
All ACS members are welcome to submit symposia/sessions ideas on these topics to the current commitee members.